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How many years do I need to have an SR-22 in the state of California, for a DUI?


Normally after a DUI conviction in California one must file and maintain a SR-22 for three (3) years. The amount of time the CA SR22 must be carried by a motorist may differ depending upon their conviction and if there were other issues involved in the case, such as driving without insurance.

If you are required to hold a SR22 due to a DUI in California contact the CA Department of Motor Vehicles to find out exactly how many years you are required to maintain it.

Normally if you had been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (DUI) you would have to go through the following steps to get license reinstated:

  • Complete a mandatory suspension period.
  • Pay a reissue fee to DMV.
  • File Proof of Financial Responsibility (California Insurance Proof Certificate, SR 22 )
  • File a Notice of Completion Certificate (DL 101) (You must complete a Driving under the Influence [DUI] Treatment program.)
  • Pay fines to the court.

If your suspension was due to the administrative license suspension program, known as "Admin Per Se" (APS), then you also normally would be required to file the SR22. The CA DMV lists that to reinstate your driving privilege after an APS suspension/revocation, you must:

  • pay a $125 reissue fee to DMV. (Vehicle Code 14905)
  • file proof of financial responsibility (i.e., a California Insurance Proof Certificate [SR 22], $35,000 cash deposit, surety bond, or self insurer certificate under VC 16430).
  • maintain proof of financial responsibility for three years.

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2 Responses to "How many years do I need to have an SR-22 in the state of California, for a DUI?"
  1. Visitor

    If the statute says that a person has to carry SR22 insurance for 3 years after the DUI how come DMV told my daughter she has to carry it for 4 years after her May 2009 DUI/accident? Are they able to arbitrarily decide how long each person has to carry it?

  2. Anonymous

    The info is short, concise & to the point. The questions are well organized as well are the answers. Thanks!