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What is the penalty for driving with an expired license plate in the state of Indiana?


According to Indiana laws it is a Class C infraction to drive with an expired license plate / expired registration. From the information we have read off of Indiana court sites it appears the fine is normally around $150. There may be local fees and court costs added to that.

If you were cited for driving with an expired license plate in IN you should contact the court listed on the ticket to find out your penalties. You may want to also as the clerk of the court if you renew your plates (registration) before the court date on your citation if this will help your case at all. In some states the law allows the judge or magistrate to dismiss an expired registration case with only minimal fees if the car owner renews the registration before the due date of the ticket.

If you are convicted of driving with an expired license plate the good news is that this is considered a non-moving violation and so you will not get points on your license with the IN Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) for this offense.

The exact portion of Indiana law you are breaking by driving with expired plates is Indiana Code (IC) 9-18-02 where it notes that a person that has expired plates violates the law and commits a Class C infraction. And also that a person that owns or operates or permits the operation of a vehicle, that required to be registered under the IC, with expired license plates commits a Class C infraction.

A class C infraction in Indiana can come with a penalty of a fine up to $500, however as we stated earlier from the fine lists we have seen from courts within Indiana the usual fine amount for an expired plate is around $150. If you have a second offense, etc then the fine is likely to go up.

The BMV states that to renew your plates at a license branch, you need ONE of the following documents:

  • pre-printed registration renewal form,
  • previous year's registration,
  • license plate number.

You also need your current insurance information. You may pay for your renewed registration with cash, check or a valid MasterCard or Visa debit or credit card.

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1 Responses to "What is the penalty for driving with an expired license plate in the state of Indiana?"
  1. Anonymous

    Helps a lot but Im still wondering what it means to "repeal" the case, and how that affects the court date.