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If I go for the G1 knowledge test how much would it cost?


The knowledge test in Ontario, Canada, which you need to take in order to obtain your graduated license permit (G1), costs $10.00 currently. As you are likely aware, when you start the licensing process in Ontario you must pay a fee. When you apply the fee due includes the cost of the knowledge test, your first road test and a five-year licensing fee.

There are more charges for your second road test and for any retests you may need to take. In order to schedule a road test appointment, you must prepay the road test fee.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) the fees involved for obtaining an Ontario Driver's License are as follows.

G1 License - cost includes knowledge test, G1 road test and five year license is in total $125. This breaks down as:

  • Knowledge Test - $10.00
  • Class G1 or M1 Road Test - $40.00
  • Five Year License - $75.00

M1 License costs in total, including the knowledge test and 90 day license, is calculated to be $17.50. This breaks down to:

  • Knowledge Test - $10.00
  • 90 Day License - $7.50

The cost of a Class G2 or M2 road test is $75.00

Payment options at a Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office are cash, certified personal cheque, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, traveler's cheque or money order.

The options for paying fees at DriveTest Centres include: cash, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, traveler's cheques or money order. Note that personal cheques are not accepted at DriveTest Centres.

To find out more about the licensing procedures and costs in Ontario contact the MTO directly. If you or your family is in need of Canadian auto insurance, click here for affordable rates.

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