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Who are the party states of the DLC?


The Drivers License Compact, usually referred to as just the DLC, requires members states to report moving violation ticket convictions received by a motorist back to the state where they are licensed to drive. The licensing state then determines if this offense will be placed on their driving record and if any points will be assessed.

There are 45 states, plus D.C., that are members of the DLC. These states include:

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This leaves 5 states that do not take part in the DLC. These states are:

Even though these five states are not members of the DLC most have their own reciprocal agreements with other states and thus still exchange information regarding traffic tickets with other states. This means these non-DLC members can still notify a DLC state, or another non-member of the DLC, about tickets received in their state and be informed by other states about moving violation convictions of their licensed drivers.



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2 Responses to "Who are the party states of the DLC?"
  1. Anonymous

    i have a dui in va but im licensed in i have 2 drive in nc and sc for work. if im pulled over in those states with my ga id will they get me for driving on suspended?

  2. Anonymous

    i have suuspended licsense in ohio can i get a t.n licsense