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How long does a DUI stay on record in Montana?


Traffic convictions and DUIs stay on your driving record for life in Montana.

Montana law restricts how some aspects of a driving record may be utilized or applied. For example, in accordance with Montana Code Annotated 33-18-9, conviction information older than three years that is derived solely from a driving record may not be used to affect your insurance rates or insurance eligibility.

The Montana MVD notes that conviction points are associated with habitual traffic offender designation and only apply for three years between the dates of prior and most recent convictions (Montana Code Annotated 61-11-203).

However, convictions for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (DUI) will affect your driving record for five years between the date of the prior offense and the date of the most recent offense.

According to the MT DOJ your driving record is a lifetime record and five major categories of information are compiled:

  1. personal history information;
  2. licensing information;
  3. convictions for offenses regulating the operation of motor vehicles;
  4. driver improvement / corrective action records; and
  5. accident history.

All of these records are gathered, retained, utilized and disclosed for the primary purpose of authorizing, promoting and regulating safe, legal operation of motor vehicles on Montana highways.

So your Montana driving record is for life and thus your DUI will remain on there for the lifetime of your MT driver's license since all of the information and violations listed on your motor vehicle record remains part of your permanent record.

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