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How many points do you need to have on your Ohio license before you lose your license?


In Ohio a driver that accumulates six points will normally receive a letter from the Registrar of Motor Vehicles indicating the following penalties will be assessed to them should 12 or more points be accumulated within a two-year period:

  • Suspension of driving privileges for six months
  • Proof of financial responsibility must be filed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and maintained for three years. Your insurance company will notify the BMV if, within the three-year monitoring period, your policy lapses, is non-renewed or is terminated.
  • Upon completion of suspension, a remedial driving course approved by the Director of Public Safety must be taken. The course must include a minimum of 25% of its classroom hours devoted to instruction on driver attitude.
  • A new driving test must be taken.

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) does note that if cause can be shown why driving privileges should not be suspended, an appeal may be filed in the county or municipal court in the jurisdiction in which the driver resides, agreeing to pay the cost of the proceedings. Appeal should be filed before the beginning date of the suspension.

Driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ohio is considered a crime and can result in heavy fines and possible jail time.

The one way listed by the Ohio BMV to remove points is to take a driving course. This is available if a driver amasses more than 5 but no more than 11 points for traffic violations he or she is eligible for a one time, 2 point credit by completing an approved driving class.

This 2 point credit does not eliminate any convictions from a driver's motor vehicle record and does not erase any prior convictions that an insurance company may take into consideration in premium assessments according to the Ohio Insurance Institute. Though all infractions remain on the MVR, the points needed for the 12 point suspension are extended by 2 if you take an approved driving course.

If you are a young driver you may lose your license for less offenses/points on your OH driving record. Ohio has special suspension rules for teenagers with temporary permits or probationary licenses. If you are under 18, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend your probationary license for 90 days if you are convicted or plead guilty to two moving violations. You will also be required to complete a state authorized juvenile driver improvement program.

Temporary permit holders and probationary license holders will be suspended for one year for accruing 3 moving violations before age 18. Temporary permit holder and probationary license holders may be suspended for 6 months if convicted of certain traffic-related violations.

For more information regarding the OH points system and what it can take to get your license suspended, contact the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) directly.

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