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In Louisiana what are the penalties for driving without insurance?

If you are cited by law enforcement in Louisiana, the penalties for driving without insurance can include your registration and license plates (tags) being suspended or revoked, as well being hit with fines and administrative fees that usually end up being a few hundred dollars.

In Louisiana, liability insurance is mandatory, and an uninsured vehicle can be impounded on the spot by any Louisiana law enforcement officer. The Louisiana Department of Insurance notes that when stopped by the police you must have proof of liability insurance coverage in the car. Even if your car is brand new, you still must provide proof of insurance on the vehicle in order to drive on the roadways of this state.

If you're at-fault for an accident and found uninsured, then you'd be held personally responsible for the damages you caused. If you weren't at-fault, you'd still end up paying for a lot of your own damages. Under the Louisiana's no pay, no play law, an individual that doesn't have liability insurance on the vehicle involved in an accident cannot collect from the other driver for the first $15,000 of bodily injury or $25,000 of property damage, regardless of who is at fault. (See “If uninsured driver gets hit, can he file a clam?” for more information)

This is one method that the state of Louisiana is using to try and get motorist to follow the laws and be insured while driving on the roadways.

If you've been driving without Louisiana auto insurance, then it's time to get insured so that you won't end up with these penalties.  Having a lapse in coverage can make your insurance high when you are ready to buy insurance again.  This is why it's important to comparison shop for the best rates.  You may find lower rates, by hundreds of dollars if not more, by just shopping around.  (See “12 ways to double-check your savings”)


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