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How much will my ticket be for driving with expired registration in far west, Utah?


From the Utah court sites we have seen from far west UT to the east it is a fine of $40 for an expired registration ticket and is considered a non-moving violation. It appears the $40 ticket can be reduce by $10, to than be just $30, if you show compliance by the court date by have a valid, renewed registration document.

Keep in mind in Utah law enforcement officers may impound vehicles or vessels for abandonment, driving under the influence (DUI), improper or expired registration, revoked registration due to lack of insurance and for other offenses such as drug-related crimes. If your car is impounded for expired registration it will be released to the proper owners, only after proper registration and payment of fees.

The UT Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) notes that often a vehicle impounded for expired registration must undergo a safety inspection, an emissions test, or have its vehicle identification number (VIN) or hull identification number (HIN) inspected before it may be registered and released from impound. But the owner cannot have these inspections done while the vehicle is impounded.

In this type of case, the DMV may issue a 15-day temporary permit along with the impound release after collecting the appropriate fees. Once all the required inspections have been completed, the vehicle owner can return the required information to any DMV office to collect his/her plates and decals.

To obtain a temporary permit with the impound release for an improperly registered motor vehicle, the owner (or representative) must complete all appropriate title/registration forms and submit all documents required to title and register or to renew the vehicle registration and pay all required fees, including the $6 permit fee. The vehicle owner will be given a temporary permit valid for 15 days.

If you were ticketed for expired registration than you should contact the court about the amount of the fine. Though we read it was $40 this may be without extra surcharges and fees that states sometimes add into a fine/bail amount. You should also inquire to see if you get your registration renewed if you can get the fine amount reduced.

If your vehicle was impounded due to your expired registration than you would need to take the necessary steps to not only renew your registration but to get the car out of impound. This may mean as we mentioned above that you will have to get your vehicle inspected. The UT DMV or place where the vehicle is impounded should be able to tell you the procedure to follow to get your car back if that is the case.


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