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I am a student at University of Maryland, my car is registered in Texas and my license is Texas. Do I have to register the car in Maryland since I am a student? Is my out of state insurance good in Maryland? How do I get the car inspected?


State law says that a person taking up residency or otherwise occupying a dwelling anywhere within Maryland must, within 60 days of occupying that dwelling, must register their vehicle(s) in Maryland and obtain Maryland license plates.

A Maryland Non-Resident Permit though can be issued to persons who are exempt from this requirement, and must be obtained in lieu of a Maryland registration and license plates. So you should contact the MD Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to find out if you can obtain this permit or if for your situation it would be better to register and insure the vehicle in Maryland while you attend school there.

We have read that commuter students residing in Maryland and are from out of state with vehicles must do one of two things to comply with Maryland motor vehicle law:

Register their vehicles with the State of Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) OR Obtain a non-resident permit.

To register a motor vehicle in Maryland one must go to any full-service MVA branch and ask for a title application. The applicant must have the following vehicle documentation: (1) a certificate of title from the state that the vehicle is currently registered in, (2) a certificate of inspection, (3) insurance information from a Maryland licensed insurance company, (4) pay a title fee, (5) pay lien fee, (6) registration fee that varies depending on type and weight of vehicle, and (7) excise tax that also varies.

Students may obtain an application for a non-resident permit by visiting any full-service MVA branch office or by calling 1-800-950-1682. The following items are necessary to obtain a non-resident permit: copy of student ID or student registration to prove student status, vehicle insurance information, and a copy of the current vehicle registration. The fee for obtaining a non-resident permit has been around $20.

For more information on how to go about registering your Texas vehicle in Maryland or obtaining a non-resident permit contact the MD MVA. You can make sure your TX insurance would be accepted with your application for the non-resident permit if you choose to get that instead of registering your car in Midriff you end up registering your vehicle in Maryland you will need to change over your insurance to Maryland.

If you want to keep your car registered in Texas than you will need to discuss you going to school in Maryland with your insurance agent in TX to make sure they are going to cover you while you are out of state.

If you are asking how to get your vehicle inspected in Maryland so that you can register it there than it appears you are aware that used vehicles are required to pass a safety inspection prior to being registered in Maryland. To obtain an inspection certificate, you must have your vehicle inspected at an authorized safety inspection station in Maryland. The Maryland State Police has licensed approximately 1,600 of these facilities in all parts of the state they or the MD MVA should be able to provide you with a list so that you can find an inspection station.

If your Texas inspection is going to expire and you want to keep your vehicle registered in Texas that the TX Department of Public Safety (DPS) states that out of state Texas residents need to obey the inspection laws of the state in which you are in.

The TX DPS notes that generally, states honor the laws of other states, and there are even reciprocal agreements, where this state honors other states laws as their own. For example, if a vehicle is registered in Texas and is in another state that requires vehicles to be inspected, then that other state will honor your TX inspection sticker.

You may usually obtain an inspection sticker by presenting your vehicle for inspection at a local inspection station in another state such as Maryland. Then if you keep your car registered in Texas you will need to, within 3 days of returning to TX, have your vehicle inspected there.

It may help if you discuss your situation with the Maryland MVA office to help you decide whether to get the non-resident permit or register your car there. Also speak to your insurance agent about your coverages while going to school out of state. Even your college or university's student affairs department may be able to give you advice and help on what steps to take with your vehicle.

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