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If my daughter is 16 years old and has a permit can she drive in Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Wisconsin, and Wyoming if my husband and I are in the car with her?


First before allowing your daughter to drive out of state with her learner's permit, and you or your husband sitting as the supervising front seat passenger, you should check with your state's laws to make sure they allow her to drive out of state with just her permit.

Many states do allow out of state permit holders to drive out of state but note that once you leave the permit issuing state your daughter must adhere to the laws of the state that she is in. So while we tried to get the best information out there on the states you asked if she could drive in with a permit you may also want to contact their Department of Motor Vehicles to verify that she can drive there with her permit and with what restrictions.

Here is the information we found on the state's you asked if your 16 year old daughter could drive in with her permit (first step of a graduated drivers licensing process) with a fully licensed driver (a parent) sitting next to her:

AZ - The Arizona Department of Transportation responded to our inquiry about a minor driving in AZ with an out of state learner's permit by stating to us that your daughter can drive in AZ with her learner's permit with someone who has a class D driver license. This is a full driver's license so you or your husband should do as her supervising passenger if you are fully licensed in your own state. It is then your daughter's responsibility to follow AZ state laws once operating on the roadway.

You can contact the AZ DOT's Motor Vehicle Division directly to find out more about AZ state traffic laws and if there are other restrictions beyond having a supervising passenger with a full license sitting next to her while your daughter drives in Arizona with you.

AR - The Arkansas licensing agency told us that in the laws of their state a learner's permit is only valid in the state in which it was written. Thus if you have a permit that was issued/written in another state, Arkansas will not recognize it. So your daughter CANNOT operate a vehicle in AR with an out of state learner's permit.

IN - The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles says that an out of state learner's permit holder may operate a vehicle in Indiana as long as they follow the guidelines of the state in which that permit was issued. The passenger seat beside the permit driver must be occupied by a guardian or relative of the holder who holds a valid (full) driver's license.

KY - Kentucky allows the holder of a valid instruction permit issued by their home state/jurisdiction to operate a motor vehicle.KY notes that an out of state permit driver must be at least 16 years of age and abide by the following restrictions: a licensed operator over the age of 21 must be in the front seat beside the driver and you cannot operate a vehicle between the hours of 12 Midnight and 6:00 AM. Also, the operator would be required to adhere to any other restrictions placed on the operation of the motor vehicle by the issuing state.

MN - The Department of Public Safety (DPS) for Minnesota told us that a person with an out of state permit can operate a vehicle in MN. The following applies to both Minnesota residents that are in possession of a Minnesota instruction permit to practice drive and anyone from another state that possesses an instruction permit from their home state while operating a motor vehicle in Minnesota:

  • Permit holder may drive under the supervision of a certified driving instructor, parent or guardian, or other licensed driver 21 years of age or older.
  • Every occupant under 18 years of age must wear a seat belt or use a child restraint system.
  • You may not use or talk on a cell phone while driving, with or without a hands-free cell phone device.

The DPS representative went on to say if you establish residency in Minnesota, below are the qualifications for your daughter getting a provisional license in MN:

  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Must have completed driver education.
  • Must have held an instruction permit for six months with no convictions for moving violations or convictions for alcohol/controlled substance violations. If all or part of your 6 months of driving experience was in a state other than Minnesota, please present a certified driving record from that state.
  • Must pass the road test, complete application, and pay required fee.
  • The person who approves the application also certifies that the applicant had driven under the supervision of a licensed driver at least 21 years of age for not less than 30 hours, at least ten of which were at night.

NM - A New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division representative told us that in NM they do NOT recognize out of state permits, only regular full driver's licenses. So your daughter could not drive here with just a permit even if you are supervising her.

OH - The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) notes that if you have a learner's permit from another state it is legal to drive in OH. You may operate a vehicle in the state of Ohio with a valid learner's permit from another state, as long as there is a valid licensed driver, the age of 21 or over, in the front passenger seat.

OK - The Oklahoma Department of Safety told us that the individual assisting (supervising) your daughter must be over the age of 21 with a valid full driver's license for her to operate a vehicle in OK with just her permit. The OK DPS agent went on to say that as long as she is with the supervising driver she can drive following the rules of the road and rules of parents.

SD - The South Dakota Driver Licensing Division told us that no, your daughter cannot operate in their state with an out of state learner's permit. Their representative said that your daughter would only be legal to drive in South Dakota if she is 16 and if she had an actual driver's license (not a permit.) She quoted this portion as the SD Codified Laws:

32-12-24. Nonresident out-of-state licensee exempt from licensing requirement. A nonresident who is at least sixteen years of age and who has in that person's immediate possession a valid operator's license or motorcycle operator's license issued by that person's home state or country may operate in this state any motor vehicle for which that person is licensed in the person's home state or country

TN - The Tennessee Department of Public Safety (DPS) stated to us that TN recognizes a valid out of state learner permit, following all the rules, regulations, and restrictions of the issuing State.

TX - The Texas Department of Public Safety's Driver's License Division responded to our inquiry on being able to drive in TX with an out of state permit by saying that your daughter can drive in Texas with a licensed driver in the front seat. The supervising driver must be awake and sober (TX is very serious about this point and as a teen's parents we would hope this would serious to you as well). Another restriction for your daughter would be that she could not talk on a cell phone while driving.

UT - The Utah Driver License Division of the UT DPS stated that your daughter can drive here with an out of state learner permit as long as she has you or your husband supervising. You can contact them directly to find out if there are any other restrictions though the representative did not mention any to us.

WI - The Driver and Vehicles division of the Wisconsin DOT told us that if your daughter is 16 she can drive in Wisconsin with a learners permit from another state. She would need to follow the rules of her permit and while in Wisconsin. According to WI laws she would need to have only one adult with her in the front seat and that person has to have a valid license and be 21 or older.

WY - The Wyoming Department of Transportation (DOT) told us that if your daughter could drive in their state with a learner's permit would first depend upon what restrictions are on her permit. If your state allows her to drive out of state with her permit than she could drive in WY but would be required to adhere to any restrictions that are associated with her permit. To discuss what state permit your daughter has and the restrictions on her in Wyoming they suggested you contact the WY DOT directly.

It appears then that Arkansas, New Mexico and South Dakota are the states that you asked about that do NOT allow your daughter to operate a vehicle in their states with only a permit and the other states do allow it with various restrictions.

State laws do change and are amended so while this is the information we received from the states' DMVs you asked about as we mentioned earlier you may still want to contact any state's Department of Motor Vehicles you plan to drive through with your daughter who has a learner's permit to check and make sure at her specific age she can drive with just a permit and under what conditions and restrictions before you leave on any trip that takes you through these or other states.

Also remember to check with your auto insurance agent to make sure your daughter is covered to operate your vehicle with her permit while out of state. If your rates have gone up do to adding your teenage daughter to your car insurance policy you can click here to get free auto insurance quotes.


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