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In Ontario, Canada if you fail the G2 test, how much does it cost to redo it?

According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) the fee for re-taking a G2 road test after failing is $75.00.

Other costs that are associated with the licensing process in Ontario, Canada include:

G1 License - cost includes knowledge test, G1 road test and five year license is in total $125. This breaks down as:

  • Knowledge Test - $10.00
  • Class G1 or M1 Road Test - $40.00
  • Five Year License - $75.00

Each occurrence for a G2 or M2 road test is $75.

Payment options at a Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office are cash, certified personal cheque, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, traveler's cheque or money order. The options for paying fees at DriveTest Centres include: cash, debit card, VISA, MasterCard, traveler's cheques or money order. Personal cheques are not accepted at DriveTest Centres.

As you are aware the Level Two (G2) road test deals with more advanced knowledge and driving skills. Your performance in each of the tests will tell you whether you need more training or practice. You will also have to show that you can drive well on a freeway or high speed highway. The Driver's Handbook can tell you more about the skills you must show in a G2 road test. You must pass this test to get a Class G license.

The DriveTest portion of the Ministry of Transportation site notes that at the end of each test, the Examiner will give you a complete report of your skills and explain any mistakes you made. If you do not pass, after you have had more practice, you can make an appointment to take the test again but you must wait a minimum of ten days between tests. For an M1 or M2 road test, you must wait a minimum of three days between tests.

So if you failed your G2 road test you must wait at least 10 days. As you should be aware to take your road test again you will need to contact the Road Test Booking Call Centre at (416) 325-8580 or 1-888-570-6110, or go online to with the MTO to schedule an appointment.

Remember if you are unable to keep the appointment, call the Road Test Booking Call Centre or go online to cancel your test. If you fail to attend or you cancel your appointment without providing at least 48 hours notice any prepaid road test fee will not be refunded.

If you have failed the test, the report from the examiner should tell you where you need to improve. When you have had more practice on those areas you need to improve on, you can make an appointment to take the test again. To find out more about the licensing procedures, how to re-do your G2 road test and costs in Ontario contact the MTO directly. To get an affordable Canadian auto insurance quote, click here.

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3 Responses to "In Ontario, Canada if you fail the G2 test, how much does it cost to redo it?"
  1. Atul Bhosale

    It does not answer the question at hand.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with the comment about drive test. i failed my g test because i was in a car where the brake was on both sides of the car so the person testing me had access to a brake to stop the car. and when driving down the road another car drove out in front of me from a side street. he failed me because he said he had to stop the car and that i did not hit the brake.... bull i hit the brakes hard enough that the abs engaged.

  3. Anonymous

    The Ontario DriveTest centers are a scam. They fail people for no reason just to make them pay for the test all over again.