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In Georgia, when does the ticket off your record? Is it three years from the violation date or the disposition date?


The Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) told us that traffic violations remain on your record indefinitely. So a conviction for speeding, reckless driving a DUI, etc will remain on your driver's history permanently and not fall off after 3 years from either the conviction or violation date.

The GA DDS did note however that according to GA Code Section 40-5-57 points related to traffic violation convictions remain on your driving record for 24 months (2 years). Points assessed due to traffic violations thus come off 2 years after the conviction date.

In Georgia courts are required by law to report the conviction of any offense that will result in a negative impact on a licensee's driving privilege or that is otherwise required to be posted to the permanent driving history of an individual. This includes most traffic-related offenses as well as certain non-traffic-related offenses (including alcohol and controlled substance violations).

When the Georgia Department of Driver Services receives a conviction for a Georgia license holder, the record is amended to reflect the conviction. If a conviction is received for an individual who holds a license or is the resident of another state, the conviction information will be forwarded to the licensing authority of that state. If a non-resident, or a resident of Georgia who does not have a driver's license, is convicted of certain offenses, the eligibility to obtain a Georgia driver's license and/or driving privileges in Georgia will be suspended.

Convictions reported to the Georgia DDS by licensing authorities or courts in other states and nations will be placed on the driving record of a Georgia licensee or resident. The appropriate withdrawal of driving privileges will be taken if required by law.

So in Georgia normally if you are convicted of a traffic ticket that offense will go on your MVR and remain there permanently. Points however will come off your record after two (2) years after your conviction date of the traffic offense. If you want to know what is showing on your Georgia driving record you should contact the GA DDS for a copy of your MVR.

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