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Will a log book violation get you points?


State laws differ whether a log book violation ticket will result in points being placed on your commercial driver's license (CDL) motor vehicle record or not. In some states we found points listed for such an offense in a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) while none listed in other states.

For example in California the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) states that a violation received in a commercial vehicle carries 1 1/2 times the point count normally assessed (per CA Vehicle Code Section 12810.5b).

Under 1 pt offenses the following violations that apply to CDL holders are listed that may apply to your log book violation:

  • 34501.2, 34501a, 34501c driving hours limitations
  • 34506, 345606a-6 driving hours, equipment, maintenance, operation
  • 34506.3 safety regulation violation

We found on the Sacramento Country court site that they state a log book violation falls under VC 34506.3 and title it Commercial Driver - Log book violation. Since in California violations in a CMV are given points at 1 1/2 the times of the point count than that is what a log book violation would be worth 1.5 points on your MVR.

The Sacramento Country court also noted the fine for a log book violation and it was high at $606. The base fine is $150 but then there are penalty assessments, court costs, surcharges and other assessments that total the $606.

So check with your licensing state's DMV to find out about their CDL points system and if getting a ticket in a CMV is worth the same points or more than those that you may receive in a passenger car. Then also check to see if a log book violation is given points in your state or not.


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