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If I am required to have SR22 in one state but move to another, do I still have to keep the SR-22 in the state I moved too?


Yes, normally if you move from one state to another state when you are in the period of time that your previous state required you to carry a SR-22 than you will need to continue to carry the SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility, even in your new state.

Your new state is not usually the one that requires you to continue to file the SR-22 but your old state is. Some states may allow you to discontinue your SR-22 if you have moved out of state if you petition them for this however in general the states that require a SR-22 for various reasons (normally after a DUI, license suspension, driving without insurance and other major offenses) will require that in your new state you get insurance that will still comply with their requirements and to find an insurance carrier that will file the SR-22 with them. To do this you normally need an insurance carrier that is authorized to do business and file SR-22s in both states (your new state and old one).

As an example Oregon notes that if you live out of state or have moved out of Oregon and you were required by OR to have a SR-22 you still need to comply with this, even out of state. You need to file an SR-22 with Oregon if you live out of state. If not your license will be suspended and Oregon records all suspensions on the National Driver Registry (NDR). Oregon law prohibits their DMV from clearing a suspended driver from the national computer before all requirements are met, including a SR-22. Most states check the NDR prior to or after issuing you a license and should cancel or suspend your driving privileges if you are suspended in another state.

The basic rules is if you currently carry an SR-22 in one state but move to another state, you must fulfill the SR-22 filing period for your former state, even though you no longer reside there. Also, your insurance policy for your new state must have liability limits which meet the minimums required by law in your former (SR-22) state.

Example: If you have an Alaska SR-22, where minimum liability limits are 50/100/25, and you move to California, a state with 15/30/5 liability limits, you'll need to carry Alaska's minimum limits of 50/100/25 on your California policy and continue your SR-22 filing with Alaska until the filing period ends.

The Oregon DMV notes that if you are required to file an SR-22 and have moved out of state to make sure the new out of state SR-22 is with a company that also does business in Oregon, that they have an Oregon customer number to put on the SR-22, and that the SR-22 is the original, not a copy. So each state can have specifics they require you to follow when filing a SR-22 from out of state and thus you should check with their DMV to make sure you follow their procedures.

If you are have moved out of one state where you were required to have a SR-22 to another than you should first verify with your previous state that you need to continue to file the SR-22 from out of state and ask for information on what specifically they require from your out of state insurance provider. If you are having problems finding an insurance company that does business in both states than try contacting the insurance regulator of your new and/or previous state.

So it is not normally the state you moved to that requires you to continue your SR-22 filing but your previous state that does or else most will suspend your license and when that is done inform your new state who typically in turn would also suspend your new driver's license there until the SR-22 issue in your old state was taken care of.

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