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In Michigan, what are the penalties of driving with a recently expired license (less than 2 weeks)?


From what we have read on Michigan court sites the penalty typically is just a fine for driving with an expired driver's license. The fine amounts we have seen varied from $70 to $110 so court costs, administrative fees, etc may make the difference on what you pay if you were ticketed for this offense. It also is 2 points on your MI driving record.

If you were cited for driving with an expired license, by less than 2 weeks, than you should try getting your driver's license renewed before your court date and see if that helps you reduce your fine amount. Calling the court about your ticket, the penalties associated with it and if a renewal of the license could be helpful as well.

Unfortunately just a fine handed down by the MI court is not the only penalty you will receive for driving with an expired license. In Michigan, drivers found responsible or guilty of certain qualifying offenses are assessed a Driver Responsibility fee of $150, $200, $500 or $1,000 for two (2) years in a row.

The MI Secretary of State (SOS) lists being caught driving with an expired driver's license being charged a $150 driver responsibility fee for these 2 years. This is on top of the fine you pay in court. If you fail to pay the driver responsibility fees than your license will be suspended until do pay them plus you will also have to pay a $125 reinstatement driver's license reinstatement.

Keep in mind that renewing after your driver's license has already expired will mean you will pay a late fee when you do renew it at the SOS office. In MI driver's license may be renewed up to 12 months early if you will be unable to renew it on time for any reason so the state does not seem to give you any breaks once the license has expired.

Just as general information, a MI driver's license is usually valid for four years and expires on your birthday in the year shown on the license's upper right corner. If you are under age 21, your driver's license expires on your 21st birthday.

To remind you to renew your driver's license, the Department of State sends a renewal notice about 45 days before expiration. The renewal notice is sent to the address listed on department records. The MI SOS warns; do not let your driver's license expire unless you will no longer be driving. Driving without a valid license is illegal. If you renew your operator's license after its expiration date, you will pay a late fee in addition to the regular renewal fee as we mentioned. If you are ticketed you will then also end up with fines from the court plus the driver responsibility fees which total $300 ($150 paid within 2 years).

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