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What is average car insurance rate for 16 year old male in Florida?


The Florida average cost of an auto insurance premium in September 2009 was $1,552.90 according to the CarInsurance.com Premium Index (CPI). You can review the CarInsurance.com Premium Index - CPI at any time to learn about average premiums in Florida and across the United States.

While CPI doesn't currently report a breakdown of the nationwide statistics on the average price of motor vehicle insurance by age groups, we can tell you that typically teenager drivers have some of the highest auto insurance premiums. Young drivers have proven to be high-risk drivers for insurance companies due to the high rate of accidents and their inexperience to operate a vehicle.

Visit the Life Stages section to learn about teen car insurance. There are simple answers to questions like, "I was wondering, what is the average car insurance rate for a 16 year old?"

As we review the quotes obtained at CarInsurance.com, the average 6 month price for a policy with a 16 year old is $1,745.93, or $291 a month. If you are a 16 year old in Florida and want to find out what auto insurance should cost you than it is easy to determine, spending 6 minutes on a car insurance quote at CarInsurance.com. Here is some general information on the cost of insurance for a newly licensed 16 year old.

On average, a 16 year old can expect to pay 2.52 times the base rate for their insurance. So if your parents pay $500 for a year of car insurance, then a 16 year old can expect to pay $1260 for a year of car insurance.

You have to be rated with all the factors to give an accurate rate. For example, in New Jersey a 16 year old may pay 3.2 times the base rate, but in Montana they pay 1.9 times the base rate. These are all generalizations that are intended to explain that rate calculations require more than just age. Here are a few of the other factors taken into account:

  • Your age
  • Marital Status
  • Gender
  • Accident claims
  • Geography
  • Driving violations
  • Your vehicle
  • Credit rating
  • Occupation

Other factors that can go into determining premiums:

  • Years of driving experience
  • Miles driven per year
  • Distance to work
  • Business use of the vehicle

There are things a 16 year old teenager can do to try and bring down the cost of their auto insurance premium. It is generally cheaper to be added to your parent's insurance policy than for you to purchase your own. Other discounts may include a good student discount. Most companies will give discounts for getting at least a "B" average in school. Taking a recognized driving courses or driver's educational program may also help to lower a teenager's insurance rate.

For more consumer information, some specific for your state, contact you state's insurance regulator who may have statistical information showing the average car insurance rate for a 16 year old in Florida.


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