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If you plead to nolo to no proof of insurance what is the penalty in Georgia?


Typically pleading nolo contendere means no contest and it does in the state of Georgia as well however "nolo" pleas have a special meaning in GA with certain traffic offenses. In GA at the discretion of the judge you can be allowed to enter a plea of nolo and not receive points for the offense but you still get the conviction on your record and have to pay the fine/costs for the offense. You can enter a nolo plea like this only once every five years.

So if you plead guilty (no contest) to a traffic offense such as driving without insurance or no proof of insurance, points are usually assessed on your Georgia license. A guilty plea to a moving violation will be reported to the GA Department of Motor Vehicle Safety (DMVS) as required by law, and the guilty plea will appear on your driving record. The difference between a nolo plea and a guilty plea is that a nolo plea does not result in points against your license.

As one Georgia municipal court notes, you may plead nolo contendere ("no contest") to a traffic offense, but only if you have not entered a nolo contendere plea to another traffic offense in the last five years. The judge has discretion whether to accept a nolo contendere plea. A nolo contendere plea to a moving violation will be reported to DMVS as required by law, and the nolo contendere plea will appear on your driving record.

While if the court accepts a nolo plea for your no proof of insurance citation the actual violation will go on your Georgia motor vehicle record (MVR) as a conviction and thus can be seen by your insurance company when they next pull your MVR.

In Georgia if you are cited for driving without insurance it is an offense for which you are required to make a court appearance but it is an offense to which you can plead nolo to in court and keep points from being placed on your driving record. The GA Driver Department of Driver Services (DDS) notes that a conviction for driving without insurance comes with a 60/90-day suspension as a part of the penalties that can be handed down.

Georgia Code 40-6-10 deals with those that drive without insurance and is titled Insurance requirements for operation of motor vehicles generally. This section of GA law notes that any person who fails to comply with the requirements of this subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be subject to a fine of not less than $200.00 nor more than $1,000.00 or imprisonment for not more than 12 months, or both.

So you will end up paying a fine and getting the no proof of insurance violation listed on your GA driving record, just no points are assessed for the offense. If you are without car insurance for Georgia, click here to get instant car insurance quotes and buy a policy so that you can show that you now have at least the state mandated coverages in place when you go do court.


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