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How do the medical payments work on car insurance?


If you have Medical Payments (also sometimes referred to as Med Pay) as part of your car insurance policy then it will pay out according to the terms of your policy. If you have been injured in an automobile accident and want to make a claim against your Med Pay coverage contact your insurance company and first report the accident and injuries and they will tell you how to proceed with your claim.

In general Medical Payments coverage covers medical expenses to you and your passengers injured in an accident. There may also be coverage if as a pedestrian a vehicle injures you. This coverage applies, regardless as to who is at fault. Medical Payments may also cover policyholders and their family members when they are injured while riding in someone else's car or when a car hits them while on foot or bicycling. Coverage is limited to the terms and conditions contained in the policy so read through your policy to see what your Med Pay covers specifically.

If you do not have Med Pay but have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) instead then this typically covers, within the specified limits, the medical, hospital and funeral expenses of the insured (you), others in your vehicles and pedestrians struck by you. The basic coverage for the insured's own injuries on a first-party basis, without regard to fault. It is only available in certain states. Depending on the state, the covered parties and the amount of protection may vary.

Total payments covered by PIP are the limits indicated on your policy. That is the maximum amount that will be paid per person for any combination of covered expenses (some states offer limits and others set it to an amount like $10,000). Specific limits and coverages vary by state. If you are injured and need to place a PIP claim contact your agent on how to do so since in many no-fault states there are very specific ways in which to place this type of claim for medical bills.

If you are without Med Pay or PIP on your insurance then you should make sure that your personal health insurer will cover your medical expenses if you are in a car accident. There are some medical insurance policies that exclude covering injuries from auto accidents.

If you are injured do to the fault of another driver than you can make a claim in many states (non no-fault states) you can make a claim against the at-fault party's Bodily Injury Liability coverage. Claims for bodily injury may be for such things as medical bills, loss of income or pain and suffering.

When making a claim for medical expenses whether it is through Med Pay, PIP or someone else's Bodily Injury Liability coverage make sure that you have medical evidence of injuries and medical expenses gathered up. If you are uncertain if a type of medical treatment is covered contact your insurer first and find out if it is and if so if a doctor's recommendation is needed for it to be covered. Read through your policy and speak to your agent or claims adjuster about how to go about making your injury claim.


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