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I purchased insurance and now it is saying my email address is incorrect. What do I need to do?


The only reason you would see that message is if we are unable to locate the entered email address in our system, or you have requested to have your account deleted.

The email address can be updated and or corrected on our site by contacting our Customer Service Department during normal business hours at 877-327-8728. The representative will have some questions to verify your identity and then can assist with the change/correction.


If you believe you entered the wrong email when you setup an account, you can always login with your current User ID (email address) and update your email under your account settings. There are links on the bottom of the page to:

  • Update Email Address
  • Change Password
  • Update the name on your account
  • Update Phone Number

When logging in to manage your account your ID is typically your email address or your phone number (if you didn't have an email address when you purchased over the telephone).

If your password is the issue instead of your email address then remember you chose your password when you got your quote online. Alternatively, if you purchased your policy by calling our call center you were given your temporary password, which you must personalize when you login.

If you think your password is wrong or you forgot it, go here and follow the instructions to reset your password.

If you have changed your email address or need to change your email address you can update it after you log into your account. If you are unable to remember the information to log into your account, please call our customer service center at the number listed above.


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