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How do you know how many points you have on your license and how long do your points stay on for?


If you are trying to find how many points are listed on your driver license or driving record you should check with your state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or like agency. This state agency is the one that assigns points to your motor vehicle record (MVR) for various violations such as speeding, running a red light, etc.

Many states have their own points schedule to determine if you are a habitual traffic violator and take steps to make you a better driver, such as suspension and/or driver improvement classes while other some states do not assess points but after a certain number of violations they require you to attend a hearing, take a traffic school course and/or suspend your driver's license.

Most state's DMVs have their points schedule listed on their website so if you know what violations you have on your MVR you can estimate the number of points you have. To find out for certain what violations and points you have on your driving record you will need to contact your DMV though and request a copy of your MVR. There is usually a fee to do so.

Many states will allow you to send off for your driving record by filling out a form either in person at the DMV office or online. In some states, such as Wisconsin, you can also call and find out your points over the phone through a special DMV phone number.

Your motor vehicle record typically contains identifying information about you, lists any licenses that have been issued to you, any convictions you have for traffic offenses and the points put on your record for these offenses and administrative entries regarding your driving privileges, which will include things such as license suspensions or revocations.

Most states only give you points if you are convicted of a moving violation and the points are accumulated to give you a total and if your total is a certain amount your driving privileges can be suspended. For example in Florida if you get 12 points in 12 months you can get a 30 day license suspension.

There are a few states however that also have safe driver points. In Virginia their DMV assigns both positive and negative points on a driver's motor vehicle record.

In VA negative points or demerit points are received from traffic violations. A positive point is given by the state to drivers with a valid Virginia driver's license, who maintain a violation free driving record for one full calendar year. You can earn a maximum of five positive points, and these positive points on your record help offset negative points you receive from traffic violations.

So it is important to understand your state's DMV points system to understand the points listed on your driving record. Your DMV should also be able to inform you how long points and the actual violation stay on your driving record. In some states both the violation and points fall off your driving record after a certain amount of time (such as 3 years), while in other states neither may fall off and in some other states the points drop off (or no longer count toward the points total) after a certain amount of time but the actual violation remains on your driving record.

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