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Is Trumbull insurance company a nonstandard company?


Question: Is Trumbull insurance company a nonstandard company?

Answer: Trumbull Insurance Company is a subsidiary of Hartford Insurance Company and considered a standard company. The Hartford is a leading provider of life insurance, group and employee benefits, automobile and homeowners insurance and business insurance - as well as investment products, annuities, mutual funds, and college savings plans.

Standard insurance is auto insurance that one can obtain through the voluntary insurance industry at a preferred rate. Non-standard auto insurance is insurance for those drivers whose underwriting experience makes it difficult or impossible to obtain insurance at standard or preferred rates, but who are acceptable risks to certain companies at a higher premium.

A motorist that may be considered as a high-risk driver is someone that has a serious violation, such as a DUI, on their driving record. It also may be difficult for a driver to find standard auto insurance if they have been recently involved in a serious accident or who may have had a number of claims, accidents or motor vehicle violations in their recent past.

The nonstandard market is more of a specialized market for drivers who have a worse than average driving record or drive specialized cars such as high-powered sports cars or custom built cars. Most drivers who did not meet an insurance company's standard or preferred risk underwriting criteria.

Compare insurance companies to find the best rate with the best protection, whether you need standard or non-standard auto insurance.


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