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If my North Carolina tag has been revoked for 30 days can I sell my vehicle?


Yes, you can sell your vehicle during the 30 day time period your license tags are revoked in North Carolina.

We contacted the NC Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) who told us that plate revocation does not block the title so the vehicle can be sold. However, if you sell your car to a family member, the 30 day plate revocation stands and the family member will have to pay the monetary penalty for the lapse in insurance before purchasing their own license plate. 

The state of North Carolina does not allow a relative to register the car and obtain plates in their name if you sell it to them is of course to make sure you are not trying to avoid the current revocation on your license plates by going around it and selling your car to a family member who will in turn let you drive the car.

To get more information on selling your vehicle and how the current 30 day revocation of its tags will affect that, contact the NC DMV directly. If your revocation was for a lapse in auto insurance then come to CarInsurance.com to free auto insurance quotes.

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