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Which car would be cheaper to insure 2011/2010 Nissan Cube, 2011/2010 Nissan Sentra or 2010 Nissan Versa sedan? I am 17, I live in CT, and I was wondering which would be cheapest also, if I should get a different car.


You can easily comparison shop for auto insurance on CarInsurance.com by going through our quoting process and answering a few questions. The quote is free and you do not have to buy but can get information on what the cost of auto insurance will be for various vehicles you are contemplating for purchase.

Keep in mind that being a 17 year old teenage boy getting your first own auto insurance policy will generally be pricey due to fact that teen males statistically are very likely to get into accidents. This makes you a higher risk for the insurance company so the premium will be cost more. If you and your vehicle are on your parent's policy instead then your rates are usually a bit cheaper.

Insurance companies will differ on how they rate different cars. To try and get a lower insurance rate a good idea is to get a medium size, 4 doors, 4 cylinder sedan with a lot of safety features. Also the cheaper the car, usually the cheaper it is to insure. Since you are looking at newer vehicles the cost of insurance is going to be more than if you looked at previously owned vehicles.

Some insurance companies allow for safety feature discounts that help lower the auto insurance premium rate. Safety features that insurance companies like to see are air bags, side air bags, anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control. Even without safety discounts on your car insurance policy it is still a good idea to have safety features on a vehicle to keep you as safe as possible when operating the vehicle.

A quick quote we did for a 17 year old teen living in Connecticut and getting their own car insurance policy for the first time, came up with the following premium amounts (per 6 months) for the cars you asked about:

2010 Nissan Cube - $4508

2010 Sentra - $4548

Versa 4 door - $4200

As you can see the Versa is the least expensive followed by the Cube and then the Sentra. We then put as if on a parent's policy and the savings was of between $500 and $600 for the 6 month period for each car, the Versa still being the cheapest at $3634.

You asked about other cars to look at. An article on Forbes.com listed a few cars they believed are the safest for teens. This list included cars such as the Chevy Malibu Sedan, Honda Accord Coupe, Honda Civic Coupe, Hyundai Elantra, and Toyota Corolla. As you can see these are also medium size, 4 door, 4 cylinder sedans so the types of cars also suggested for teens to insure.

We ran a basic quote for a 17 year old in CT getting his own car insurance for the first time on a 2010 Chevy Malibu and for a 6 month policy it was $3906. If on the parent's policy it dropped to $3383 - a savings of $523. If you get an older vehicle instead of a brand new one auto insurance rates will normally drop so we got a quote as well for a 2006 Malibu. The 2006 Malibu was $3319 for a 6 month policy if the teen has their own policy and if on a parent's policy $2872, a savings of $447.

If you get a car that is not financed and old enough that you do not feel like physical damages of Comprehensive and Collision are required, car insurance prices will continue to go down. For example the 2006 Malibu, if you take out only basic Connecticut Liability coverages instead including full coverage like we did in the quotes we had above, the cost for a 6 month policy would drop down to $1598 if on a parent's policy. That would be a saving of over $1200. For a car insurance policy on your own it would cost $1859, so a savings of $1460.

In order to only have basic Liability on a vehicle you would have to own it outright. If you finance a vehicle the lien holder will require that you carry Comprehensive and Collision coverages so that their asset, the vehicle, is better protected. Also it is advised if financially possible to carry higher Liability limits so that if you are at-fault in a serious accident your limits are high enough to hopefully not be exceeded. When Liability limits are exceeded it leaves you (and possibly your parents) open to lawsuits. The suggested Liability limits are 100/300 for Bodily Injury and 50 for Property Damage. This is higher than the 20/40/10 Liability limits that CT requires.

You can obtain an unlimited number of free auto insurance quotes at CarInsurance.com and change factors such as the type of vehicle you want to insure to see how it can affect the premium you would pay. The example quotes we gave were just general rate quotes based on a zip code of 06095 and basic information for a 17 year old so when you change factors in the quoting process you may receive different rate quotes then what we found.

For instance, if you live in a more urban or more rural area the rates could fluctuate since geological location is a rating factor for car insurance companies. To get the most accurate rate quotes you should go through the quoting process with your information. Remember you can obtain as many online car insurance quotes for as many different vehicles as you'd like at our web site. Enter your zip code and then some basic information for a quote.

When going through our system you can select different types of vehicles on the vehicle page to compare the difference in the rate and help decide what car you would like to buy and which one you can afford to insure. You may also want to visit our coverage definitions to learn definitions of the various coverages and for cheap student car insurance information.


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