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What is SR22 insurance?


While some people say they have SR-22 insurance, there really is no such insurance type.  The SR-22 is actually a form that your car insurance company must file with the state to show that you have obtained (and will maintain) certain auto insurance coverages.  (See “SR-22 and car insurance: What you need to know”)

If you have been informed that you need an SR-22, you’ll need to find a car insurance company that offers this type of filing. Not all do.  Even if you have an auto insurance policy in effect, if your current auto insurer doesn’t do SR-22 filings, then you’ll have to change to a car insurance carrier that does.

You then need to purchase the insurance coverages the state has mandated you to carry.  This requirement varies by state, so it may be your state’s minimum liability coverages or higher liability coverages (especially if you need an FR-44 instead of an SR-22). 

The auto insurance policy that is associated with the SR-22 filing is no different from a normal insurance policy or coverages. Your automobile insurance company sends in the SR-22 to verify that you complied with the car insurance mandates that have been placed on you. Your insurer  will inform the state if you cancel your policy.

If you cancel your car insurance policy before the required time period is up, then your state will penalize you – normally by suspending your license and/or registration until the proper car insurance coverages are back in place and a new SR-22 form is filed.

People occasionally ask if their SR-22 insurance lets them drive other vehicles; it normally does, but it would be secondary or excess to the primary insurance the car owner has on the borrowed car.  You should always make sure a car is properly insured before driving it.

If you don’t own a car, but need to obtain an SR-22, then you will need to purchase a non-owner’s car insurance policy with a company that files SR-22 forms.

Your can contact the CarInsurance.com call center toll-free at 1-855-430-7753 to get a quote on a policy with a SR-22 filing and/or a non-owner’s policy. Our expert agents will help you obtain a quote for the coverage you need.  

Most companies we work with can provide immediate proof of insurance via e-mail or fax. Processing of SR-22 requests depends mostly on whether your state accepts filings electronically.

This type of policy is typically deemed to be high-risk, so there may be limitations compared with a standard personal auto insurance policy. Try our standard quote request procedure if you believe you aren't considered to be a high-risk driver.


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