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What is the penalty for driving with an expired license in Pennsylvania if you are on a revoked list in a different state?


In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, no person may drive any motor vehicle upon a highway or public property without a driver's license valid per the PA Motor Vehicle Code (MVC). Chapter 15 of the Pennsylvania MVC tell us that public property includes, but is not limited to, driveways and parking lots owned or leased by the Commonwealth or an agency thereof.

Chapter 15 of the PA MVC also states that if a person drives without a valid license in Pennsylvania, they are guilty of a summary offense and upon conviction shall be sentenced to pay a fine of $200. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) may also assign 3 points to your motor vehicle record (MVR) for a violation concerning a license such as this.

The penalties go up if you continue to operate a vehicle without a valid license and are caught by Pennsylvania law enforcement. A second or any additional offense of driving without a valid driver's license within a five (5) year period comes with a suspension of the person's right to drive. If you were found driving then during this suspension period you could be cited for driving while suspended and have harsher penalties yet to face.

Also a second or subsequent conviction within seven (7) years of the first offense of driving without a license comes with a fine amount between $200 and $1000 (the judge sets the amount) or imprisonment for up to six (6) months, or both per Section 6503 of the PA MVC. For a sixth or subsequent offense one can be sentenced to pay a fine of at least $1,000 and to imprisonment for at least 30 days but not more than six months.

Pennsylvania law does allow that for a first offense of driving without a valid license that they penalty can be reduced to only a $25 fine if the person charged can show proof of holding a valid license on the last day of the preceding driver's license period and no more than 1 year has elapsed from the last date for renewal.

It would appear your problem is that your Pennsylvania driver's license has expired and you are unable to renew it due to a revocation that you have in another state. Since all states check the National Driver Registry (NDR) when you renew your license the PA DMV has seen the hold/revoked license status in another state and will not allow you to renew your license until this issue is dealt with in the other state.

PennDOT notes about the NDR on a fact sheet that in order to allow a driver who is renewing a commercial or non-commercial driver's license time to resolve a sanction(s) in another state(s); PennDOT will check NDR six months prior to the expiration of an individual's driver's license. If an individual's driving privilege is sanctioned in another state(s), PennDOT will send a notification letter to the individual providing the name and contact number for the state(s) where the sanction(s) exists.

PennDOT will also check NDR three months prior to expiration of an individual's driver's license, and if a sanction still exists, a second notification letter will be sent to the individual. The six and three month notification letters allow an individual time to take the necessary steps to clear his/her driving record prior to applying to renew his/her Pennsylvania driver's license.

To be able to renew your license after being notified that another state has a sanction on your license, you must contact the state in question and resolve the issues as mandated by that state. After that is completed, your record should show as cleared in NDR Problem Driver Points System (PDPS). Once the other state says you have taken care of the issue to their satisfaction so that your revocation is lifted, you can contact PennDOT's Customer Call Center at 1-800-932-4600 and a check of NDR can be completed during your call to make sure you can move forward with the renewal of your PA license.

PennDOT takes the extra effort to check the NDR in advance for drivers whose license are up for renewal and notify any that have sanctions against them in other states to give the drivers ample notice if they need to clear up any out-of-state sanction(s) before the expiration of their driver's license in Pennsylvania.

Before your PA driver's license expired you should have been informed of the fact the revocation was showing on the NDR and that you would not be able to renew your license unless this issue was taken care of. If you are unable to rectify the issue with the other state before your Pennsylvania driver's license expires then PennDOT is hoping you will be finding other means of transportation since you will be unable to renew your license and thus will not have a valid license to drive.

If you are driving on a driver's license that is not valid, it may cause other issues for you as well, such as your car insurance not being valid. If your car insurance policy requires for you to have a valid license then you could be driving uninsured. Or if your automobile insurance company pulls your MVR and finds that your driver's license has not been renewed and thus is not valid then they may cancel your policy.

If you are driving without a valid license and also found to be driving without insurance you would receive even more penalties by the court. Driving without insurance in Pennsylvania comes with penalties which can include a fine (around $300 normally) as well as the suspension of the vehicle's registration and operator's driving privileges (once they are valid again).

If your license is expired in Pennsylvania and you are unable to renew it due to the revocation in another state then you may need to shop around for a car insurance company that will still insure your vehicle so that someone else can drive you places. There are some companies that will permit you to exclude yourself as a driver and place someone else on the policy as the primary driver, so that person's driving record can be rated on, until you get your license back. Once you get your license back you will need to take off the exclusion so that you can once again drive your car and be covered.

With an exclusion on you with your automobile insurance company, if you drive your vehicle then you would not be covered by your auto insurance coverages, even in an emergency situation. To keep insurance on your car without having a valid license though this is what you will likely have to do and then have someone set up to be your primary driver so that you can be driven in your own vehicle to the places you need to go.

When shopping for auto insurance let CarInsurance.com help you get quick quotes. Even with violations on your driving record we can help you check car insurance prices and find you the best car insurance for your situation.


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