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What is the fine for driving an unregistered car in Connecticut?


Question: What is the fine for driving an unregistered car in Connecticut?

Answer: From the fine lists we have seen for Connecticut, it appears the fine for driving an unregistered vehicle is around $150 and on top of that fine amount there normally will be administrative and court costs and other fees that will push what you pay even higher.

If you have been cited by police in Connecticut for driving a vehicle that did not have registration on it, then you should contact the court listed on the ticket to find out the total amount that you will have to pay in order to take care of the ticket.

The actual part of Connecticut law that makes it against the law to drive an unregistered vehicle is Section 14-12 of the General Statutes of Connecticut (GSC). This portion of the state statutes notes that a person commits an infraction if valid registration is not on a vehicle and it is driven on a public road. If you just failed to renew your registration within 30 days of the expiration of your registration you will receive a fine, but your driver's license will not be affected.

Section 14-12 of the GSC says under subsection (a) that no motor vehicle shall be operated or towed on any highway, except as otherwise expressly provided, unless it is registered. The law does make a provision that a motor vehicle may be towed for repairs or necessary work if the vehicle bears the markers of a licensed and registered dealer, manufacturer or repairer. Also if you move to Connecticut you may drive on your valid out of state registration for a period of sixty (60) days following your establishment of residency in this state, before being required to register with the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

This state statute of Connecticut goes on to say that it is an infraction if a car owner allows the operation of an unregistered motor vehicle on the public highway and the penalty is a fine of between $150 and $300.

If your car is not just unregistered but your registration is actually suspended, revoked or refused, then you may also face a fine due to violating CGS 14-215.

Under this part of Connecticut law it says under subsection (b) that for a first offense of driving with a registration that is refused, revoked or suspended one will be fined between $150 and $200 or imprisoned not more than ninety (90) days, or be both fined and imprisoned, and, for any subsequent offense, shall be fined between $200 and $600 or imprisoned not more than one year, or be both fined and imprisoned. Since jail time is an option with this offense it means it is a misdemeanor and not an infraction.

To not receive a fine by Connecticut law enforcement due to being stopped and ticketed for driving a car without it being registered, make sure you take the proper steps to register your car in Connecticut. The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles should be able to walk you through the process of registering your car and tell you what the registration fees will be.

To register your car in Connecticut, you will need to have car insurance on your vehicle. Connecticut law requires all registered owners to maintain liability insurance on their vehicles. Auto insurance must be maintained at all times when there is an active registration on a vehicle according to the Connecticut DMV. When you register or renew a vehicle registration, you must certify insurance coverage. Your signature attests that minimum Connecticut liability car insurance will be maintained throughout the registration period and the vehicle will not be driven without insurance.

If you have been ticketed already for driving without registration then to find out the exact fine amount you owe contact the court listed on your citation. If instead you have a vehicle that does not have registration on it then we would advise you to get it registered and insured before operating it on a public roadway.

Luckily, a non-moving ticket -- such as this ticket for driving an unregistered car -- should not affect your state car insurance rates.  If you are searching for low cost car insurance, we offer multiple company insurance rates for personal auto insurance and the ability to purchase from one place.


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