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Does it cost more to insure a Mazda 3S than a Honda Accord sedan?


It appears that the Mazda 3S and the Honda Accord Sedan are classified the same according to car insurance companies since when we priced out the cost of auto insurance for each vehicle they were basically the same.

We put in some general information to get an idea of what each vehicle you asked about would cost compare to the other in our CarInsurance.com quoting system. We found that with some car insurance companies there was a $5 difference with the Honda costing $5 more for car insurance while with other auto insurance companies the cost of insuring the Mazda 3S and the Honda Accord were both the same. When we tried putting in a different location in the US we found it was cheaper to insure the Honda Accord sedan by $2.

First we put in an Orlando, Florida zip code and found the Mazda 3S came in cheaper by $5 then when we put in a Los Angles, California zip code it was the Honda that was cheaper by $2. Since our site offers multiple instant car insurance quotes, we found that with some automobile insurance companies they had the same price on car insurance for both vehicles in both the FL and CA locations.

There are many different rating factors that go into the cost of car insurance, beyond the type of vehicle you are insuring. Your specific geographical location, years of driving experience, driving record, age and if you have had prior auto insurance coverage are just a few of the risk factors looked at by an automobile insurance company and that they will take into account when determining your rates.

To really get a good idea of what your car insurance prices would be for either a Mazda 3S or a Honda Accord you should put your zip code in our quote rating system at CarInsurance.com. When you enter personal information (such as location, years of driving experience, age, etc.) in you will get a personalized quote for you and thus get a much better idea of what the car insurance cost may be for either car for you asked about insuring.

You can obtain an unlimited number of free auto insurance quotes at our web site and change the factors such as the car you are insuring to see how it will affect your car insurance rates.

You can obtain as many quotes for as many different vehicles as you'd like at our web site. Enter your zip code and then some basic information for a quote. Once you get to the quoting system after inputting your zip code you can select different types of vehicles on the vehicle page to compare the difference in the rate.

CarInsurance.com is an Online Insurance Marketplace™ which gives consumers the opportunity to shop and compare insurance companies online. We offer the ability to shop for car insurance online and then the ability to purchase your policy directly through CarInsurance.com, so get started with instant car insurance quotes now.


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