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My driver's license is suspended in Rhode Island and Connecticut. Where can I apply for a license without this showing up?


Your driver's license suspensions in Rhode Island and Connecticut will show up everywhere in the United States when you try applying for a new license.

All states are federally mandated to check the National Driver Register (NDR) when a person applies for a driver's license or renews their driver's license. With a suspension in not one but two states then both suspensions will appear on the NDR when any state checks your name in the NDR as part of the license application process and thus all states will deny your application for a driver's license.

Normally to be able to get a license in your current state or any other state you will have to take care of the issues in Rhode Island and Connecticut, and get your license reinstated in both RI and CT. Once you are reinstated in both states your name should be removed from the National Driver Registry and thus you should be able to apply for a driver's license in other states.

To give you a little more insight into how the licensing process works, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), who is the administrator of the NDR, explains that in all states within the United States (plus the District of Columbia), when a person applies for a driver's license the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or like state licensing agency is required to check the National Driver Register database to determine if the applicant has been identified as a problem driver in another state. If a match is found in NDR, state officials are directed to another state DMV system for details on the traffic conviction or status of the license.

The NDR database keeps information on drivers whose license has been revoked, suspended, canceled or denied or have been convicted of serious traffic related offenses and this information is provided by all 51 US jurisdictions. If you have a hold on your license in one state it will show up on the NDR when any other state checks it.

It is a federal requirement that the DMV check applicants against NDR. The intention of this federal government mandate is to prevent problem drivers from shopping around for a license. The NHTSA does not want a person to be able to go to a different state to get a new driver's license when their current license has sanctions against it. Keeping problem drivers off the road is one goal of the NHTSA.

If you are moving to another state and cannot get your current license issues remedied in Rhode Island and Connecticut before you move then you can contact the DMV of the state you move to and discuss your license issues. You may see if there is a way to obtain any type of driver's license, such as a hardship or occupational license, there while you are still listed on the NDR and have license issues in two states to clear up.

Not having a valid license can make it difficult to obtain and carry car insurance for your vehicle. You may be able to shop around and find an automobile insurance company that allows for you to be excluded from your policy as long as you have listed someone with a valid license as the primary driver of your car. This person would be the one primarily using your vehicle and driving you around in it since you are unable to operate your car legally at this time. That person's driving record would be checked and help determine the car insurance rates for your policy.

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