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Can I get full coverage on a salvaged vehicle?


Yes, with a few car insurance companies it is possible to get full coverage on a salvage or rebuilt titled vehicle.

Different states have different names for a vehicle that have a branded title instead of a clean title. There is the salvage title, which is not allowed on the roadway normally, and then what some states call either a rebuilt title, reconstructed title or restored title, which is permitted to be driven.

If your vehicle was totaled out by your car insurance company and you bought it back then typically it would be considered a salvage titled vehicle until you repaired it. Once you have restored the car to operational condition most states require you to have the vehicle inspected so that you can apply for a rebuilt/reconstructed/restored title and drive it on the roadway again.

Most auto insurance companies tend to not want to insure a vehicle with a branded salvage title due to the fact that it means the car has already been in a prior accident and thus not in top shape so it may not be able to provide the safest ride in the future.

While it can be hard to get insurance for a car with a branded title, here at CarInsurance.com we can offer a car insurance policy on salvage and rebuilt titles through our carrier, Progressive. Get a free auto insurance quote today to see how much insurance will costĀ a salvageĀ titled car. At the end of your quote, select Progressive and we will ask all the necessary questions to determine eligibility and get you a policy.


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