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I wrecked my car yesterday the air bags deployed and someone told me that it is totaled is that true?


Airbags deploying does not automatically make a car a total loss.

If in an accident a vehicle's airbags deploy then the cost of replacing them is taken into account as part of the total damages to repair. It can be costly to replace airbags and it is thus possible that due to this pricey repair it can push the total amount to fix your vehicle to be more than the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle and so it would be declared a total loss.

If however the vehicle's current ACV is greater than the cost of replacing the airbags and making the other repairs to your vehicle to get it roadworthy then the vehicle can be repaired by the car insurance company without find the car be totaled out.

Airbags themselves cost $300 to $500 but it can cost up from $1000 to $4500 to replace front airbags on a car depending upon if other parts need to be replaced. The complete airbag circuit system has to be checked out to make sure that the sensors, springs, the wire harness and other parts are not damaged, if they are, it costs more to install new airbags and parts.

Due to the high price of new airbag components and installation costs many vehicles with a low ACV will be considered a total loss if the airbags and other repairs cost more than the ACV. On the flip side, if the vehicle has a high ACV, the cost of new airbags being installed will not likely cause the vehicle to be declared a total loss.

While the added cost of repairing air bag damage may made thousands of otherwise salvageable automobiles a total loss, it does not automatically cause your vehicle to be totaled out by a car insurance company. The insurance adjuster working your claim will be able to give you information on if your car is totaled out or if it will be repaired. 

If your agent is not able to explain to you what to do in this situation or fulfill your car insurance needs, contact a CarInsurance.com agent and they can explain not only insurance terms and explain claim procedures but also tell you how they can get you low cost car insurance


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