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In New York State how much is a ticket for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate your car?


The penalties for letting an unlicensed driver operate your vehicle in New York can include a fine of between $75 and $300 or imprisonment of up to 15 days or both the fine and imprisonment.

Section 509 of the New York Vehicle and Traffic Code (VTC) makes it illegal to drive a vehicle in New York State without the operator having a valid driver's license. Paragraph 4 of this part of NY law also states that no person shall knowingly authorize or permit a motor vehicle owned by him or in his charge to be operated by someone without a valid license.

The possible penalties for the driver and the car owner, if both are ticketed when the driver is found to be driving without a license, are the same. Paragraph 11 of NY VTC lists the punishment for both offenses as what we mentioned above, a fine and/or jail time.

Keep in mind if you allowed an unlicensed driver to operate your car and they are in an accident there is a chance the incident may not be covered by your car insurance policy. If your policy covers only drivers with valid driver's license then claims could be denied which would leave the driver and you, as the car owner, personally responsible for damages the person driving without a license caused.

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