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Crash during commute? Don’t blame boss

Question: I worked late one night for my employer.  On the way home in my personal car, I hit a deer. Would my employer be responsible for the deductible I have to pay because I was working late at his convenience?

Answer: No, your employer isn’t responsible for your deductible.

It’s unlucky that your car struck a deer on your way home from working late, but your workplace isn’t responsible for this accident.

When you commute to or from work, even if you’re coming in early or staying late, you’re responsible for whatever happens with you and your vehicle.  Your employer has no control over what occurs during your commute.

So, just as your employer couldn’t be held liable if on your way to work another vehicle cut in front of you and caused you to crash, it isn’t responsible for your accident with the deer after working late.

I understand why you could be irritated about the situation and feel as if you just hadn’t been at work late you wouldn’t have been on the road at that time to hit the deer.  But it’s really just one of those unfortunate things that happen in life and is a good reason to carry physical damage coverages on your vehicle; you never know when something is going to damage your vehicle.

Since you're asking about a deductible, it appears that you do have comprehensive coverage, the coverage one needs to be able to make a claim if your vehicle strikes an animal such as a deer.

Your comprehensive deductible will be due, even though it wasn’t your fault that the deer darted out in front of you.  The good news is that it’s unlikely that this accident will cause your rates to rise.

A comprehensive claim is not typically considered to be your fault by car insurance companies.  However, if you have multiple claims, of any kind, your insurer may consider you to pose more of a risk and raise your rates.  Hopefully this is your only claim on your record right now, and you won’t have any new claims for many years to come.

If your car insurance rates were to rise from this accident and claim, just remember your employer cannot be held responsible for that,  either.  Instead, concentrate on obtaining cheap car insurance by comparison-shopping with other car insurance providers that could offer you lower rates.

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