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Does car insurance cover a wreath attached to my car catching fire?


Question: What happens if I put a wreath on the hood of my truck and it catches on fire causing damage to my vehicle? Is this covered by car insurance?

Answer: Ultimately, the terms of your car insurance policy and your insurer’s claim rules will dictate if a wreath tied on your truck’s hood or front grille that catches on fire and causes damage to your vehicle will be covered.

Fire damage to your vehicle is covered under the comprehensive coverage portion of your policy. When your claim is made, an insurance adjuster has the job to investigate and determine if this fire and resulting auto insurance claim will be accepted or denied.

Insurance adjusters use specific guidelines that the individual insurance company has put in place, to determine if a fire damage claim will be covered.

Expect your vehicle to be looked at aggressively by the claims adjuster due to the number of fraudulent fire claims that car insurance companies receive. We believe there is a strong possibility that your damages won’t be covered.

An accident is typically defined by insurers as an unexpected, unforeseen event that is not under your control and results in a loss. This situation was under your control and could have been averted if you had not been negligent and had taken due care of your vehicle.

If you were negligent by attaching a wreath, a flammable object, to your car and creating your own fire hazard, then it’s very probable that your car insurance adjuster will find that you didn’t take due care with your vehicle and that the fire and damage isn’t covered by the terms of your policy.

We spoke with a former claims adjuster who had a claim very similar to yours where a wreath was placed on a vehicle and dried out. The car owner started the vehicle one morning, the wreath caught on fire and that spread to the car.

This claim was denied because the insurance company found that the insured was negligent putting a flammable object on the vehicle, in a place that makes it very probable for a spark to catch it on fire.

As with this person’s claim, it’s possible that according to terms of your policy and the guidelines of your auto insurance company your comprehensive claim can be denied by them saying  if you hadn’t placed the wreath on your vehicle, there wouldn’t have been a fire.

Since car insurance policy terms and claim guidelines do vary, we’d suggest that you do make your auto insurance claim and see if your insurance company will cover your car’s fire damage.

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