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Does ticket affect my rates if driver not on my policy?


Question: My daughter is not on my insurance, but got a ticket driving my car. Will my insurance go up?

Answer:  If your daughter isn’t on your auto insurance policy, then her receiving a traffic ticket shouldn’t affect your car insurance rates.

If your daughter lives outside of your house and was merely visiting and borrowed your car, then her receiving a traffic citation shouldn’t affect your current or future car insurance premiums since there is no reason for her to be listed on your policy as a driver. 

It would be the same as if a neighbor or friend borrowed your car one time and got a traffic ticket.  It doesn’t affect you because if these individuals are convicted of a traffic offense it will go on their driving record and be looked at by their car insurance company and thus affect their own rates. 

Your car insurance company isn’t interested in the driving records of people that aren’t in your household or on your policy.

If, however, your daughter is a young driver who still lives with you, then normally she would be required to be on your car insurance policy, since most all car insurance companies require all licensed household members listed as drivers.  

If she is a teenager, your rates will go up when she is placed on your insurance policy because of her lack of experience, even before this ticket is seen on her driving record.

If your daughter is added to your policy, then this ticket will be looked by your auto insurer and may cause your rates to rise even more due to a surcharge for having a moving violation on her record.

If your daughter is on her own auto insurance policy, then that is what could be affected by this ticket.  Depending upon her age, driving experience and if this is her first ticket, this offense may or may not affect her rates; it all depends upon the car insurance company’s rating system. 

If your car insurance rates go up, due to needing to add your daughter to your policy and this ticket, or your daughter’s rates go up on her own car insurance policy, then I’d suggest shopping around to make sure you are getting the best discounts for teenagers.

Not all insurance companies act alike, so while some may surcharge for this traffic offense, others may not. If your daughter is the one shopping around for the best priced car insurance policy, she may even save enough to pay the fine for her traffic citation.

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