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Do car insurance good student discount requirements differ for honors students?


Question:  What if your young driver is in honors, AP or IB courses and has 4 B's and 2 C's. Since they are honors courses a B has a 4.0 grade point and a C has a 3.0 grade point, instead of the usual B being 3.0, etc. would the young driver still qualify for the "Good Student Discount"? 

Answer:  Yes, typically the student would still be eligible for the good student discount even if the individual's international baccalaureate (IB) or advanced placement (AP) classes cause them to have a C average, but their grade point average (GPA) is a 3.0.

Car insurance companies vary on how they define a good student and eligibility requirements to receive a good student discount, but in general, a good student is considered someone the upper 20 percent of his class, has a B average or 3.0 GPA, or is on the honor roll.

In fact, some insurers say that a young driver can get the good student discount if he or she meets any of these requirements:

  • B average (prior semester),
  • 3.0 grade point average,
  • honor roll or Dean's list,
  • top 20% of class
  • top 20% SAT or ACT score,
  • top 20% PSAT score,
  • home-schooled students may be eligible based on standardized exam results.

Since the qualifications to receive the good student discount vary widely, you would have to contact your car insurance company to find out about their specific guidelines.

It may be that the student's 3.0 GPA is enough to get your child the discount, or your auto insurance provider may require you to prove that your child is in the top 20 percent of their class or is on the honor roll in order for you to get the discount on your car insurance policy.

It's worth a little extra work to make sure you get the good student discount, if your child qualifies, because it's around a 10 to 15 percent discount. This discount normally applies to bodily injury and property damage liability, medical payments, and comprehensive and collision coverages.

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