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In South Carolina, is deductible waived for a second windshield claim?


Question:  I just had a windshield replaced. In South Carolina, there isn’t any co-pay (deductible) for this. My question is if my windshield got hit by a rock and again has a major crack in it, would my insurance pick up the cost again?

Answer: Yes, since you live in South Carolina, if your windshield were to be again cracked your comprehensive coverage would again pay for the glass to be repaired or replaced, without a deductible being due.

There are only a few states that have no deductible for windshield claims, and luckily the state in which you live is one of them.

In South Carolina, if you have comprehensive coverage (also known as OTC for “other than collision”) as part of your car insurance policy, then broken glass, such as a broken windshield, is covered, and the deductible does not apply for a personal passenger vehicle.

The South Carolina Department of Insurance (DOI), the insurance regulator for your state, confirmed for us that as long as you have comprehensive coverage your windshield will be replaced without a deductible, regardless of the number of incidents you have within a year.

So, while it may be irritating to you (and your car insurance company) if you are unlucky enough to have your windshield cracked one, five or 10 timesin the span of 12-months, your auto insurer should accept the claims and pay for the repair or replacement of the windshield without charging you a deductible. (See “Will insurance pay for your cracked windshield?”)

If you live in an area of South Carolina where travel on gravel roads or other areas where the likelihood of a rock being kicked up and cracking your windshield is high, then your comprehensive coverage pretty much pays for itself with your first glass claim.

Typically, comprehensive claims don’t affect future car insurance rates; however, the number of claims you make can.  If you need to make a second claim for your windshield, speak to your agent about if your rates will rise after any certain number of claims with your auto insurance provider.

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