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What does my state require for auto insurance?


Question: What is the coverage our state requires on our auto insurance policy?  What coverages do I need (bodily injury liability, etc.) and how much of each?

Answer:  Each state has its own auto insurance laws and requirements, so without knowing which state you reside in, I can’t tell you here exactly what your state requires as far as coverages and limits that you should carry for a basic car insurance policy.

While there isn't space here to list all the auto insurance requirements for all the states, CarInsurance.com does have the right tools to help you find not only find out what your state’s car insurance requirements are, but also what coverages are right for you.

We have an interactive U.S. map that shows the car insurance requirements for each and every state.  Here, you can easily find your state, click on it, and see the basic auto insurance requirements you must carry as part of your policy.   

You’ll find that all states, except New Hampshire, have compulsory auto insurance laws in place, but the required coverages and limits vary greatly from state to state.

In general, most states require that you carry at least bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverages, so that your insurance policy will cover those that you harm in an accident. No-fault states will also require you to carry personal injury protection (PIP) or medical payments (MedPay).

We also have an interactive U.S. map that allows you check out the average premium for your state, and all other states.

This map allows you to get an idea of the amount others are paying for car insurance in your state, so you can compare your own rates. You can also compare your state’s rates to another state, in case you’re thinking of moving.

Once you are aware of your state’s car insurance mandated coverages and limits, you can get explanations about coverages, what and who they cover, on our coverage definition page.

With a good understanding of your requirements and coverages, you can use our insurance coverage calculator to help determine what coverage is right for you. This coverage calculator offers basic recommendations for typical coverage, limits, and deductibles needed based on the answers you provide.

Remember, if you have a financed your vehicle, through a car loan or lease, that your lienholder will require physical damage coverage of collision and comprehensive. Your state isn’t the one requiring this, but your lienholder, who does have the authority to mandate that you carry these coverages, which are above the state’s minimum requirements.

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