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Will my car insurance cover damage from running over a curb?

Question: When shopping at the mall I ran over the curb and ruined my transmission. Can I claim it on my insurance? I had to have the car towed and haven’t yet gotten a police report.

Answer: Yes, if you have collision insurance coverage, the damage that your car sustained due to hopping the curb should be able to be claimed against your car insurance policy.

Running over the curb and damaging your transmission is a collision claim and not a comprehensive claim, as some drivers think, because you collided with the curb. Even if your car sustained damages to the underside of the vehicle, hitting the curb is considered to be a collision insurance claim.

If you didn't get a police report, don’t worry, you should still be able an auto insurance claim for your damages. Car insurance companies will usually accept claims without police reports, especially since sometimes police won’t come out a minor single-car parking lot accident.

If the car is not able to be driven properly, then it is wise to get it towed to a mechanic so that you don’t cause any further damage to your vehicle. If you have towing and labor as part of your car insurance policy, then this should be a covered incident.

Once your car is at the repair shop, you may want to go ahead and get an estimate for the repair costs. This way you will find out if the repairs will cost more than your collision deductible.

Your deductible amount is due before any of your collision coverage benefits kick in. If the repairs cost less than your deductible amount, there is no need to make a car insurance claim. This means if you have a $1,000 deductible and find out that the repairs cost $800, there is no claim to make, since your car insurance policy couldn’t be used to pay for any of the damages.

It appears you may be located in Michigan. If that is the case, your state has three types of collision coverage: broad, standard and limited. It depends on which coverage you have if you’ll be covered.

With broad form collision, it would pay for this accident and your deductible would apply since you’re substantially at-fault. If you have standard collision, again your policy would pay and, as you know, this deductible always applies, regardless of fault.

Unfortunately, if you have limited collision insurance coverage, you wouldn’t be able to make a claim. In Michigan, limited collision only pays if you’re not substantially at-fault for the accident. In this case, you're totally at-fault since you ran over the curb.


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