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CarInsurance.com Expands Products To New States

MAITLAND, FL – As a leader in the distribution and selling of well-known and respected insurance products, CarInsurance.com now offers their online insurance agency solution in California, Texas, Arizona and Florida. CarInsurance.com has been a full service online car insurance agency in Florida since 2004 along with insurance company relationships in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom.

CarInsurance.com's online insurance marketplace gives consumers the opportunity to shop for car insurance online as well as thousands of resources to solve consumer’s requests.

In Florida, CarInsurance.com now offers coverage through Esurance, Direct General Insurance Company, Safeco Insurance, and The Hartford. They offer Esurance and Safeco Insurance in Texas, Arizona, and California. They plan to expand all carriers to each state and add new insurance carriers in the coming months. CarInsurance.com is proud to add Safeco Insurance and The Hartford to their platform.

This means that users that visit CarInsurance.com’s website or call their call center in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas will have the opportunity to see the rates of multiple companies and purchase policies immediately online or over the phone.

CarInsurance.com handles thousands of consumer requests each month. They are expanding their products based upon consumer requests. In addition to their product expansion, they offer a resource site to solve requests. Their popular web site now offers a Q&A website to answers consumer questions about car insurance. Along with their thousands of answers, they have an auto insurance Learning Center to help customers learn more about auto insurance.

They have been expanding their product offerings since 2004. In February 2006, CarInsurance.com expanded to Texas. In April 2006, CarInsurance.com expanded to Arizona, and in August 2006, the platform expanded to California.

In the coming months, CarInsurance.com will offer their online agency to consumers in Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, Washington, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, and Virginia. In addition, CarInsurance.com, Inc. is actively pursuing new carriers to add more insurance options for its visitors.

"Expanding our product into multiple states to give consumers more choice is our goal." said Tim Register, CarInsurance.com Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "We want to expand our product offering so consumers can find a rate that fits their budget and their needs."

Over the next three to five months, you will see CarInsurance.com launching new services and products to help consumer shop for auto insurance.