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Buying Car Insurance through an Independent Insurance Agent

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS — April 24, 2009 — CarInsurance.com is a licensed independent insurance agency that sells insurance products online and over the phone. As an insurance agency, they are licensed in every state. Multiple insurance companies license them to sell their products to consumers. CarInsurance.com has built a relationship with each insurance company along with a technology solution that is not available to local insurance agencies. With CarInsurance.com, you can quote, compare multiple companies, select a company, get a final rate, and purchase car insurance online at CarInsurance.com or through a licensed agent over the phone. Their licensed agents have much insurance experience, they are available to help in any situation, and they are licensed in every state.

Many insurance companies are competing for your online car insurance business. Should you buy through an independent insurance agent or directly through a company? You have a choice to shop directly with an insurance company, shop with a captive insurance agent that only represents one company, or to have an independent car insurance agency shop multiple companies. CarInsurance.com offers the ability to shop multiple companies online or over the phone along with the ability to let you purchase an auto insurance policy online or over the phone. When you buy through CarInsurance.com, your policy is issued directly from the insurance company, using CarInsurance.com technology.

There are advantages to shopping online, but you should select an insurance agency that will protect you as your licensed insurance agent. Choosing an insurance broker is better than requesting quotes from a website that sells your quote to other companies or agents. Choose an auto insurance agent that represents multiple insurance companies, so you can compare insurance rates. An independent agent will help you buy coverage that will protect you properly and help you save. When you shop and compare with CarInsurance.com, they will work with you to understand your needs. One of the best advantages of using a licensed insurance agency, like CarInsurance.com is that they can help you find other insurance products that are beneficial for your situation.

When searching for insurance, your state insurance regulator may publish a guide that shows what insurers charge for different policies in various parts of your state. You can look there for both statewide and nationwide insurance companies. You can also get an auto insurance quote at CarInsurance.com to compare rates in any area. CarInsurance.com offers many national carriers and some local state carriers so that they give consumers more choice to compare and purchase car insurance. If you would like to comparison shop for car insurance with CarInsurance.com, visit their website at http://www.carinsurance.com.