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CPI-CarInsurance.com Premium Index Shows Car Insurance Rates Decreased in 20 States

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL — June 1, 2009 — CarInsurance.com announced today the current trend of national car insurance premiums. CarInsurance.com Premium Index (CPI) shows the national average of car insurance premiums and it can be reviewed at http://www.carinsurance.com/Premium-Index.aspx. Premiums continue to rise throughout 2009 and there is a rate average increase from last year. Some of this rise is because CarInsurance.com tries to offer insurance rates for every visitor. Since they offer car insurance protection for those with a proven record of responsible driving as well as those who have difficulty obtaining coverage average premiums can be higher.

The CPI study reports the lowest average annual car insurance rates quoted to consumers that compare rates at CarInsurance.com. CPI shows consumers why it is important to shop for insurance and to get new car insurance quotes regularly, verifying that they are paying the lowest car insurance rate. CPI is a broad indicator of pricing activity in the personal auto insurance marketplace; it is not a comprehensive index as it reflects only the quotes of multiple companies CarInsurance.com represents in 49 states plus the District of Columbia.

The national annual car insurance average premium quoted for May 2009 was $1,913. This is over a 4% increase from last month. This year, car insurance premiums are almost 12% higher than last year. Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin each had a 1% to 2% change in average premiums this month. Twenty states saw rates decreased in May compared to April.

Using the CarInsurance.com State Premium Trend Tool, you can review changes and car insurance trends by state. The most expensive areas in the index this month are District of Columbia, New York, Louisiana, Maryland, New Jersey, and Alaska. From these tools, you can get comprehensive state and local car insurance information before you get car insurance quotes with CarInsurance.com. There is much more historical average premium data and car insurance information at http://www.carinsurance.com. It gives you the opportunity to compare your states average car insurance premium to the national average.