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CarInsurance.com Offers Tools for Car Insurance Savings around the Holidays

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FL — December 1, 2009 — Christmas is only a few weeks away, so shopping for car insurance probably is not on the top of your to-do list. December is a great time to shop for insurance and shopping online has never been easier. This month’s updated CarInsurance.com Premium Index (CPI) show 2009’s average annual cost for car insurance is $1,754, which is close to $140 a month. If you can save $200 to $600 a year on your auto insurance premium, you would have $15 to $50 more in your pocket each month, which is extra money for the holidays.

This year car insurance rates are 9.62 percent higher than they were in 2008. With CarInsurance.com’s CPI tool, you can see recent auto insurance rate information, along with historical average costs associated with car insurance nationwide:

Each month insurance rates fluctuate and state laws have changed in a number of states. Putting off a review of your policy too long could be costly. Rates are projected to continue to rise nationwide next year, on top of the estimated 9.62 percent jump this year, according to CPI. The Car Insurance Learning Center at CarInsurance.com teaches consumers how to understand car insurance and how to save in every situation:

CarInsurance.com is a nationwide insurance agency, licensed in all states. They show consumers the different insurance options that are available, both inside the Car Insurance Learning Center and through their Car Insurance Quote Technology. CarInsurance.com allows you to see the rates of many companies and purchase it with one simple quote at CarInsurance.com. Since CarInsurance.com is a license insurance agency that works directly with each insurance company, they understand each insurance company rate change and new insurance laws that change regularly. It is important to get an updated quote every three to six months to see if you are still paying the best price for the best coverage.

CarInsurance.com works with 11 active insurance companies in all states. This year they managed numerous company rate changes and three state law changes that affected insurance requirements for drivers and vehicle insurance shoppers. For example, Wisconsin changed their insurance requirements in November of this year and saw a 7.75 percent increase in rates, according to CPI:

CPI offers up to date premium information for each state. For example, New Jersey has seen a 13 percent increase in premiums compared to 2008. The average auto insurance premium for residents in New Jersey is $2,501 in 2009. Michigan has seen a 24 percent increase in premiums from last year. The average auto insurance premium for residents in Michigan is $2,259 in 2009. South Carolina has seen a 14.6 percent increase from 2008’s average car insurance costs. The average auto insurance premium for residents in South Carolina is $1,608 in 2009; the national average is $1,754.

Be aware that insurance companies cannot raise your rates in the middle of your policy's term unless you change your policy, but if you find a lower rate, you can purchase a new policy and cancel your existing policy at any time. The best rate last year is not always the best rate this year, so it pays to shop. Even if you did not shop on Cyber Monday, CarInsurance.com offers savings and quote options every day of the year.

"Many people don’t understand car insurance and how rates fluctuate, so shopping for car insurance can be intimidating. Many consumers are concerned that a savings on car insurance may not always be the best choice, especially if they do not understand what they are buying, “according to David Fitzgerald, CIO and Licensed Agent at CarInsurance.com. “ We have spent a lot of time and effort to educate the public with our unbiased Learning Center and powerful insurance quoting services.”

The biggest problem with online comparisons at different websites is making sure it is a valid comparison by pricing the same limits and deductibles for each quote. With CarInsurance.com, you only have one quote form to fill out, so you do not have to be concerned with this. They give you apples to apples comparison on one screen. When choosing an insurance company, do not shop by price alone. You want to make sure you have the proper limits and you want a company that is financially sound, with a good reputation for service. You can use the CarInsurance.com Coverage Calculator to get a quick overview of recommended insurance coverage, limits, and deductibles:

CarInsurance.com represents companies with A+, A, A-, and B ratings from A.M. Best. On each of their Partner web pages, you can use the A.M. Best rating tool to rate your insurance company. When you complete a quote at CarInsurance.com, they display the A.M. Best rating next to each premium, along with payment options, and an easy link to purchase insurance immediately online or over the phone.

Another important factor when shopping for auto insurance is to ask friends and neighbors for recommendations. Last month, almost 7 percent of the policies sold at CarInsurance.com were from friends, family, or co-worker referrals. In addition to CarInsurance.com research tools, they offer links to each state’s Car Insurance Regulator so you can check an insurance company’s complaint history.

You can also use these valuable educational services at CarInsurance.com:

  • Professionals are ready to answer insurance questions. You can ask any question or do a quick search and you will find thousands of unique questions and answers.
  • Insurance articles help you understand your rights as a consumer. They have informative articles written by industry experts and car insurance professionals.
  • Car insurance headlines offer daily auto insurance news that affects you and your premiums.
  • The Life Stages Section gives valuable resources about each life situations and different life stages so you have protection and information for your unique car insurance situation. Including resources if you were recently divorced or in the active military.
  • Car insurance tips offers daily advice and information helping consumers understand auto insurance and research all the different tips offered online. In addition, it provides insurance tweets for their Twitter users at twitter.com/carinsurance.
  • The U.S. insurance company list offers the available car insurance companies in each state. The lists originate from their car insurance quote service that offers discounts for prior insurance.
  • Insurance coverage definitions give detailed coverage explanations for each coverage type. In addition, when you get a quote at CarInsurance.com the quote coverage page is customized for every state and situation to make sure you understand and get the coverage you need.
  • Company strengths, comparisons, ratings, and analysis are important to understand the financial strength of each insurance company.
  • Car insurance terms and glossary provides insurance definitions and explanations for those insurance terms that can easily be misunderstood and confusing for consumers.
  • The U.S. auto insurance requirement map shows an interactive map of the car insurance laws in each state along with links to provide local car insurance solutions.
  • A state motor vehicle department list for each state provides links so you can look up licensing and registration information specific to your state and situation. In addition, most users ask our professionals unique licensing information in our Questions and Answers section.

This holiday season offers a great opportunity to shop for car insurance. You can shop online at http://www.carinsurance.com or they offer licensed insurance agents that are available to assist you with all your car insurance needs by phone, when you call 1-855-430-7753.