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No other online auto insurance website offers the depth of expertise that CarInsurance.com does. Consumer analyst Penny Gusner answers car insurance questions through our website, Facebook and Twitter every day, and our own licensed agents can answer your car insurance questions with no obligation as well at 1-855-430-7753. You can ask questions about your current policy, about comparison shopping for a new one, about your online quote, or any other aspect of the auto insurance world.

No-obligation quote comparison:

No other online auto insurance site will display car insurance quotes from multiple companies for you to compare side by side on your screen. You can use our online rate comparison tool to match your current policy, or to change coverage levels and see what kind of effect the changes have on your rates. And you can do it all from behind your keyboard.

Insurance coverage definitions:

You may have "full coverage,” but do you really know what you bought? Our coverage definitions section will tell you exactly what each type of coverage protects, from liability and comprehensive to gap insurance and medical payments. Some types of coverage are mandatory.

Some are simply smart, and others you can easily skip to save money. We'll tell you when optional coverages are a good idea, and what happens if you don't have them.

Car insurance calculator:

When you own little or nothing, you can choose to save money on your coverage rather than to protect your few assets. But when you own a home, have children, launch a business or begin to grow a nest egg, a policy that's a poor fit can cost you everything. Before you begin comparing car insurance quotes, use our car insurance calculator to see how much coverage you should buy. This car insurance calculator considers your marital status, children, age, driving habits and financial assets.

Average car insurance rates:

Average car insurance rates are only a guideline. No two drivers are alike. But we can give you an idea of what others are paying in your ZIP code, by age, by credit. We can give you an idea of the discounts available to good drivers, older drivers and even to certain occupations. But the only way to be sure whether you pay too much for your auto insurance is to get an online quote. We'll show you rates from as many as eight car insurance companies on the coverage levels you specify, with no obligations.

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