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1. You had to abandon your car and it was hit or vandalized.

Weather conditions may be so treacherous that you have to abandon your car.

If you return to find your car has been sideswiped, and the offender didn’t leave any contact information, you’d file a collision claim to pay for damages. If you do have the other driver’s contact information, his or her liability coverage would kick in to pay for repairs.

What if the vehicle is vandalized after you've abandoned it? Comprehensive coverage, which covers losses from theft and vandalism as well as natural disasters, would protect you.

Abandoned carIf you have optional roadside assistance coverage as part of your policy, consider calling it in before leaving your vehicle. The costs of getting it home or to a safe place off the road would likely be covered.

Also, such help is offered through AAA and similar programs. Lexus, Acura and other car-makers also provide emergency service as part of their new car warranty packages.


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