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Top states for drunken driving arrests

1. North Dakota

North DakotaAs the nation's rate of drunken driving deaths decreased -- by 29 percent from 2004 to 2013 -- North Dakota's increased, by 60 percent.

In 2013, the state strengthened its drunken driving laws, increasing fines, doubling jail time for repeat offenders, and mandating minimum prison sentences for DUIs that cause injury to one year, and for those that cause death to three years. "No get out of jail free card anymore," one legislator announced. Those convicted of two DUIs within seven years are now also required to enroll in a sobriety program that includes twice-daily alcohol tests.

The overhaul has yet to be reflected in the death statistics. The small, landlocked state, population 739,000, not only had the highest rate of DUI arrests, at 93.7 per 10,000 residents, but also had the second highest rate of drunken driving fatalities in 2014, at 7.4 per 100,000 residents, equating to 55 people killed.

An analysis by CarInsurance.com found auto insurance premiums increased by an average of 57 percent after one DUI conviction.


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