(Foster City, Calif.—May 22, 2018)-To kick off the summer road trip season, CarInsurance.com ranked states best to worst for driving, and also surveyed motorists to find out how they feel when behind the wheel, what their family road trips experiences are like, what they do to cope with traffic and what mishaps poor road conditions cause.

Each state was given a weighted score on eight motoring metrics, chief among them driver fatality rates, vehicle ownership and insurance costs and road conditions.

Best and worst states for driving

According to CarInsurance.com’s analysis, the states with most favorable driving conditions are:

  • Minnesota
  • Vermont
  • Nebraska
  • Ohio
  • Maine

The states with the least favorable driving conditions:

  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Louisiana
  • Connecticut
  • California

CarInsurance.com also tapped into the state of mind of the nation’s motorists through a survey asking them about driving, family road trips, road conditions and traffic.

Key findings are as follows:

Don’t make me turn around! Nearly half say road trips “stressful, yet enjoyable”

Despite climbing gas prices, road trips remain a popular vacation option for families, with 92 percent of parents surveyed saying they’ve gone on a road trip in the past five years. The majority (69 percent) described the vacation as “super fun,” while forty percent described the trip as “stressful, yet enjoyable.”

Summertime blues: work and gas prices top list for staying home

Of those who haven’t gone on a road trip in the past five years, job obligations and the cost of gas are primarily to blame. Of those who said they skip road trips because they don’t want to spend that much time in the car with their family, 70 percent were women, 30 percent were men.

More women than men feel stress or rage while behind the wheel

A majority of drivers report feeling content or relaxed behind the wheel. But of those who do feel stressed out, 75 percent are women, 25 percent are men. Among drivers who feel rage-y, there are twice as many women (69 percent) than men (31 percent) drivers.

Drivers also weighed in on what they do while in heavy traffic (eat meals, fight with other drivers, call people they barely know, cry) and the mishaps poor road conditions cause (various types of accidents).

To see the full list of state rankings and metrics, complete survey results and methodology, visit “2018 Motorist and road trip report: Best and worst states for driving.”

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