July 10, 2017 (Foster City, Calif.) – Drivers can save an average of 140%, or $1,145, by comparing rates when buying car insurance, and even in the states with the lowest savings, motorists can cut $350 to $700 off their costs, a new CarInsurance.com rate analysis shows.

The states where drivers can save the most, on average per year, by comparing car insurance quotes are:

  • Michigan –$3,012
  • Pennsylvania –$2,497
  • D.C. –$2,180
  • Wisconsin –$2,111
  • Kentucky – $2,014

States where drivers save the least, on average, are:

  • Alaska -- $353
  • Virginia -- $450
  • South Carolina -- $498
  • Washington -- $504
  • Minnesota -- $618

CarInsurance.com, an independent quote-comparison website and consumer guide to insurance, analyzed rates for a 2016 Honda Accord with full coverage in nearly all ZIP codes in the U.S.

Every car insurance company has its own base rate and does its own calculations, which is why it's important to comparison shop to get the best car insurance rates.

“We also calculated the average savings realized by comparison shopping for state minimum liability requirements, which is $497, or 153 percent,” said Michelle Megna, managing editor of CarInsurance.com, “So saving on your car insurance costs is certainly possible whether you are getting bare-bones coverage, just enough to drive legally in your state, or full coverage that includes high liability limits and comprehensive and collision.”

Find the average savings for every state by reading the full article and methodology at: https://www.carinsurance.com/Articles/average-car-insurance-savings.html

“Regardless of where you live, you can save on car insurance by shopping around and comparing rates,” said Megna. “You should compare car insurance rates at the renewal time of your policy, but also if you move, buy a car, get married or divorced, have an accident or add or drop a driver from your policy.”

Here are more tips for saving on car insurance:

  • Check for discounts you may qualify for
  • Maintain good credit
  • Buy a car with a strong safety rating
  • Raise your deductible
  • Don’t buy comprehensive and collision if you have an older car

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