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CarInsurance.com Unveils Guide to Buying Auto Insurance in Florida


Foster City, CA – September 25, 2019 – CarInsurance.com unveiled a guide to assist Floridians shopping for auto insurance and to help them avoid overpaying. The site’s average car insurance rate tool makes it easier than ever to compare rates. Users simply enter their ZIP code, age and coverage level to receive a customized rate and view the highest and lowest rate fielded from up to six major insurers. For example, the highest rate among six carriers in one Coral Gables zip code is $5,710 – more than $4,000 more expensive than the lowest ($1,500).

Other highlights in the guide include:

  • Low cost auto insurance for drivers with recent accidents
  • Companies ranked from cheapest to most expensive for drivers with accidents
  • Cheap car insurance for young and senior drivers
  • Ranking of the best car insurance companies for Florida drivers

The new resource acts as a how-to guide and provides details on average premium costs, the highways and roads where the most fatal accidents occur and explains how Florida’s state insurance and traffic laws are applied.

View the complete guide: Florida Car Insurance

CarInsurance.com Editorial Director Michelle Megna is available for comment on this research.

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