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Parking Impacts Shopping Decisions for a Majority of Shoppers: CarInsurance.com Survey


Foster City, CA – December 12, 2019 –CarInsurance.com just completed a survey on how parking influences consumers’ decisions about where to shop. It turns out that not all parking spaces have equal appeal:

  • 53% of shoppers say they will avoid a store with nearby metered parking
  • 25% will pass by a business with parallel parking
  • 12% try not to enter parking garages


Only 34% of respondents indicate a stores’ parking situation isn’t factored into their shopping decisions. Consumers define the “ideal” parking spot differently, including:

  • 32% say they’ll take whatever spot is available
  • 28% focus on a space that’s closest to the store they want to visit
  • 19% want to park far away from other cars and traffic
  • 11% seek spaces near shopping cart corrals


The survey results explain strategies for finding a parking spot, ranging from the 48% who circle a parking lot at least twice before deciding where to park to the 2% who admit cutting off others to seal a coveted spot.


CarInsurance.com also found that nearly half of drivers don’t pick up the pace when someone is waiting for their parking spot. Forty-nine percent said they go about their business as usual. Sixteen percent even said they take their time. Women are more likely to hurry up if someone  is waiting (42% of women compared to 28% of men). Men are also more apt to take their time (20% of men compared to 12% of women).


“Having the best deals may get people to your store, but we find that free, convenient parking is also crucial,” says Les Masterson, managing editor of CarInsurance.com. “At the same time, nearly half of shoppers indicate they strive to avoid parking next to huge trucks and 27% keep driving rather than park next to cars with existing body damage.”


The complete report provides insights into how shoppers position their cars, modify their pace when other cars are searching for a space, communicate their displeasure to other drivers and more: https://www.carinsurance.com/parking-survey


Les Masterson, CarInsurance.com’s managing editor, is available to share observations on this survey and comment on what consumers don’t realize about their auto insurance coverage when it comes to parking lot accidents. Would you like to speak with Les about these survey results and/or how parking lot accidents are covered?


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