Honda has been making cars only since 1963 and sold its first Civics in the U.S. as 1973 models. Since then, it has morphed from a maker of tiny specialty cars into a brand that sells  everything from subcompacts to pickup trucks (plus motorcycles and generators and robots, too).

The 2012 Honda Fit, CR-V, Insight, Civic four-door, Accord, Odyssey, CR-Z, Pilot and Ridgeline each earn the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's designation as a Top Safety Pick, and the Accord, Civic and CR-V are among the top-selling vehicles in the country.

Crash-test performance is only part of the information insurance companies use to calculate Honda insurance rates. Older Hondas are the most-stolen vehicles in the country, which may affect their comprehensive insurance rates. Honda's sports car, the S2000, went out of production in 2009 but remains a choice target.

Compare insurance rates on Honda vehicles

If you're looking to insure your Honda, you'll find some sample rates by model below. These rates are for comparison only -- unless you're the cautious 40-year-old man we used to calculate rates. Otherwise, the only way to truly know what you'll pay for car insurance is to get a quote. Doing so takes only minutes and doesn't require you to speak to strangers.